Wrocław, Poland
3 - 7 May 2014

Abstracts and Posters

Abstract submission is now closed


Oral Communications

Please visit the ‘Information for speakers’ page. The Oral Communications timetable can be found here.


Poster Presentation

Poster numbers have now been allocated and can be identified here. This number will be used on the poster boards and in the abstract book and is DIFFERENT TO YOUR CONTROL ID/SERIAL NUMBER.

The congress will take place from 3 – 7 May 2014 at Wroclaw Congress Centre and Centennial Hall. Posters will be displayed in Centennial Hall (with the exhibition and the catering). The poster boards will be clearly marked with the poster numbers.

The format/size of the posters should be in portrait format and cannot exceed 120 cm (height) x 90 cm (width).  The mounting of the posters is possible from the first coffee break on Sunday 4 May 2014 at 11.05.  The posters must be on display by 12:30 on Sunday 4 May 2014.  All posters must be dismantled before 15:30 on Tuesday 6 May 2014.  Unfortunately, any posters that have not been removed cannot be kept or forwarded to the owner.

To be of value, your poster should not be too cluttered.  It should be set out in a clear and logical manner, with reading matter reduced to an essential minimum.  Lettering, including figure legends, labelling, symbols & graphs etc, should be large enough to be legible at 140cm. Ordinary type-face is NOT adequate.  Photographs should be matt, not glossy.  FIXING / MOUNTING MATERIAL WILL BE SUPPLIED.

Dedicated poster receptions will take place between 13:00 – 14:30 on Sunday 4 May, Monday 5 May and Tuesday 6 May 2014. While your posters must be displayed for the duration of the congress, you are required to attend the dedicated poster session on a specific day; this will include poster judging for the ESE poster prizes. Please see the timetable below.


Sunday 4 May 2014

Monday 5 May 2014

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Adrenal cortex (to include Cushing’s)

P1 – P18

P19 – P37

P38 – P56

Adrenal medulla

P 57 – P64

Bone & Osteoporosis

P65 – P76

P77 – P88

P89 – P100

Calcium & Vitamin D metabolism

P101 – P122

P123 - P144

P145 – P168

Cardiovascular Endocrinology and Lipid Metabolism

P169 – P182

P183 – P195

P196 – P209

Clinical case reports - Pituitary/Adrenal

P210 – P226

P227 - P243

P244 – P260

Clinical case reports - Thyroid/Others

P261 – P284

P285 – P308

P309 – P332

Developmental endocrinology

P333 – P339



Diabetes (all categories)

P340 – P393

P394 – P447

P448 – P501

Endocrine Disruptors



P502 – P513

Endocrine tumours and neoplasia

P514 – P546

P547 – P579

P580 – P613

Female Reproduction

P614 – P631

P632 – P649

P650 – P667

Growth hormone IGF axis - basic


P668 – P683


Male Reproduction

P684 – P691

P692 – P699

P700 – P708


P709 – P717

P718 – P726

P727 – P735

Nuclear receptors and Signal transduction


P736- P739



P740 – P757

P758 – P774

P775 – P792

Paediatric endocrinology

P793 – P803

P804 – P814

P815 – P825

Pituitary - Basic


P826 – P836


Pituitary – Clinical

P837 – P873

P874 – P909

P910 – P945

Steroid metabolism + action



P946 – P957

Thyroid (non-cancer)

P958 – P999

P1000 - P1041

P1042 - P1082

Thyroid cancer

P1083 - P1105

P1106 – P1128

P1129 - P1152


If the first author is not able to attend the congress, a co-author can represent on your behalf. You only need to contact the ECE 2014 Team if none of the authors are able to attend the congress to present the poster.

All posters nominated for an ESE Poster Prize by the Programme Organising Committee will be judged as part of the attended poster sessions, so please make sure you attend to ensure you are present for the judges. Judging will take place during the attended poster sessions and the prizes will be awarded during the awards session at 17:25 on Tuesday 6 May in the Main Auditorium.

Please note: the withdrawn deadline was 1 February 2014, and you can no longer withdraw your abstract.



All accepted abstract authors will be invited to upload an ePoster as a pdf file in ADDITION to the printed poster that you bring to the congress. Further information will be emailed to you when this service is available.


Poster printing

To save you printing and carrying your posters to the congress, we recommend the Learner’s Digest International Europe’s Call4Posters® service.

The Call4Posters® service is the easy way to create your poster online, have it printed and shipped either for pick up at the meeting, or your choice of address.

We are sure that you will find it a convenient and simple way to produce a professional poster.

Please visit the website for more information