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How to Get Out of Your Depressive Cycle

By admin on September 26, 2019 0 Comments

Depression can be a viscous cycle- after all it is a battle against your own brain. It can be especially difficult when you are battling this mental illness all on your own. Some days, it feels like you are winning the battle and other days it feels like you are drowning.

But, did you know that seeking help and making lifestyle changes can give you the ammo necessary to break the cycle of depression?


mental health treatment austin

The first step in breaking free of your depression cycle is seeking formal and clinical treatment. This often means attending therapy in conjunction with taking medication.

This means that you need to coordinate seeing a therapist and seeing a psychiatrist since a therapist cannot prescribe medication, but a psychiatrist does not have enough time to conduct a full-blown therapy session.

If you are truly dedicated to getting better, then you should find a mental health treatment austin expert to help set you up with the right treatment plan for you.


A healthy diet leads to a healthy body and a healthy body leads to healthy mind. With that being said, you should do your best to get the proper nutrients by eating good sourced of protein such as tofu and broccoli, respectively.

You shouldn’t focus on this to the point of restricting yourself from all sugar and carb-heavy foods because indulging in yummy food every so often is often good for the mind, too!

Social Support

Social isolation is one of the more damaging symptoms of depression. Something about the way depression affects your brain just makes you avoid other people for fear of rejection or indifference towards others. On the other hand, social support is a key factor in facilitating mental health treatment.

Never over look just how important it is to curate a solid group of friends and family who can help support you through a difficult time.

Overall, it is always to go into battle with a little help from your professionals and friends alike, and if you also make sure to adhere to a good diet, then you will be well-equipped to battle the depression cycle.

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