Wrocław, Poland
3 - 7 May 2014

Endocrine Nurses

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Dear Nurse Colleagues

We are delighted to invite you to the ECE 2014 meeting in Poland and to announce that the programme for this meeting includes three sessions specifically for Endocrine Nurses; two clinical sessions and one evening professional development and networking session. Please see below for Programme details.

The Nursing Sessions at ICE/ECE 2012  and ECE 2013 were very well attended and received excellent feedback. Your suggestions guided the development of the ECE 2014 Nursing Programme and we have tried to make the "Meet the Nurse Expert" session even more interactive by introducing patient case preseantations. Please submit your patient case for discussion by our Nurse Experts by email on ece2014@endocrinology.org

The networking session will include presentations pertinent to our area of practice as well as an opportunity to meet with colleagues from around the world over a buffet meal. Nursing posters will be presented in this session and the Best Nursing Poster Award which will be announced during this evening will offer the winner the chance to present their work at the ECE 2015 meeting in Dublin with all attendance expenses paid for.

It is also a great pleasure to inform you that once again the congress registration fees for nurses have been substantially reduced to just €100 Euros. The ESE offers €400 Euros meeting grants for ESE members; please click here: http://www.ese-hormones.org/prizes/  for further details and to find out about other membership benefits.

Finally, we would like to invite you to suggest topics for future ECE meetings and to express an interest in being involved as a Speaker or Chair in one of our nursing sessions. Please email us on ece2014@endocrinology.org

We hope you will join us in Wroclaw to share our expertise and to celebrate together the advances in Endocrine Nursing.

Sofia Llahana, Chair of the ESE Nurse Working Group
On behalf of the ESE Nurse Working Group, ESE Clinical Committee and ECE Programme Organising Committee


Programme for the ECE 2014 Nurse Sessions


Sunday 4 May 2014



Symposium 4: Endocrine Nurses’ Session1: Craniopharyngioma
Chairs: C Follin (Sweden) & S Neggers (The Netherlands)

Challenges in the management of patients with craniopharyngioma
H Mueller (Germany)

The role of the endocrine nurse in the long-term care and  treatment of patients post diagnosis of craniopharyngioma 
K Clark (USA)

Psychological aspects of living with a pituitary-related condition

S Jackson (UK)


Endocrine Nurses’ Session 2: Nurses’ networking session
Chairs: S Llahana (UK) & M Keil (USA)

Working with patient support groups to improve self-management and education for patients and their families

Welcome to Wrocław and endocrine nursing in Poland
 A Rózanska (Poland)

Best Nursing Poster Award ECE 2013 presentation: Antenatal nurse-led thyroid clinic
C Goedhart (UK)

Update on ESE Endocrine Nurses’ Network activities, announcement of nursing poster presentations and ECE 2014 Best Nursing Poster Award

S Llahana (UK)

My journey from diagnosis to a full support package from clinicians and the patient support group
M Marks de Korver (The Netherlands) Dutch Addion and Cushing Society

Working together for better patient care: presentation from a patient support group representative
A Smyth (UK), Executive Officer for the UK and International Turner Syndrome Support Society

Introducing patient support groups at ECE 2014 and group discussion

Networking, poster display and meeting with the patient support groups


Monday 5 May 2014



Endocrine Nurses’ Session 3: Meet the nurse expert – management of endocrine emergencies
Chairs: AS Nilsson (Sweden) & ÅK Rasmussen (Denmark)

Meet the nurse expert (part 1): management of hypoadrenalism and adrenal crisis
J Van Eck (The Netherlands)

 Case presentation of a patient with adrenal crisis
O Ommedal (Norway)

Meet the nurse expert (part 2): management and treatment of the patient presenting with symptoms of thyrotoxicosis
V Fazal-Sanderson (UK)

Case presentation of a patient with thyrotoxicosis
C Goedhart (UK)

Please visit the Endocrine Nurses on ESE website

We look forward to welcoming you on our Network.

Poster Preparation

To help with the preparation of posters for nurse delegates please find copies of last years posters below.