litigation timeline template

Preparing Your Presentation For Court

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Going to court is an experience no one ever wants to have. When we go to court we are usually there for an unpleasant reason such as a car accident, a divorce or other incident.  While in the courtroom lawyers will present their cases in a variety of ways.  One of the visual tools that they use are a litigation timeline template. These templates are designed for lawyers and other court officials to visually demonstrate specific points to a jury or the judge.

Visually display a timeline

litigation timeline template

Timelines are critical to showing the course of events presented in trial.  If a lawyer were just to throw out numbers and facts to a jury then they would quickly get lost.  When using a visual chart displaying the specifics of the timeline explained in the court, jurors can easily look at it, absorb it in their own way and process it to come up with a decision.

Medical Terms

In many cases jurors are asked to determine the extent of a medical claim.  With biology filled with complicated medical terms and with each bone in the body having several different complicated names having a chart will help simplify the process to everyone.

Animated Recreations

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video speaks volumes.  In trial video and animation will help to show exactly how an incident occurred.  In the case of a car accident an animated car can be created and shown how events could have happened.  These animation can be very simple or complex depending on the amount of detail needed to get the point across.

Putting the pieces together

Those in the criminal defense industry use these templates as tools to help generate their points across to everyone involved.  If it is a simple chart, highlighted text or a fully animated movie, these tools have made it much easier to show jurors and others how events happen visually.

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